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Nightmare on River Valley Road...


NIghtmare on river valley road....

So I dreamt last night that my colleague was ill and sleeping in the office cos she didn’t want to spread her germs at home. Great! Thanks!


She had pulled the couch FROM HER HOME to the office but slept on the floor...?!?

She had also taken all the paperwork from every desk in the office and spread all over the floor...I’m thinking, to keep warm?

Knowing from this scene that I wouldn’t be able to get any work done, my subconscious decided to visit an old school/house/delapitated building with the ghosts of cats past!

Thing is, these were ghost of cats that did Not belong to me. I think the dream internet connection had a cross wire.....

Anyway, I freaked out in the dream and woke up with a start.

And what did I see?

Just beyond the shoulder of my sleeping husband, was the very still, black, silhouette of..OUR CAT!


She was waiting for her morning manja..sigh.


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