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•Look Firm but Friendy

Always look friendly in your pictures but not overly so; some pictures can look like they might have just sat on an ice cube and they’re liking it…



Others look like they’ve just murdered someone and are in the midst of a mug shot and are really unhappy about the black ink on every finger.

And Smile! Don’t look fierce unless you’re applying for a job as an assassin or spy.

•Where’s Your Face?

There are many instances where pictures aren’t even included in the CV! You should include it because they want to know what you look like, and of course, it indicates that you can dress properly

I’ve seen pictures that could have been Facebook profile pictures which is not always good cos if you notice Facebook, you don’t actually see that many clear, full-face photographs. You might as well have a picture of a dog on your CV if you’re brave enough to put a picture of yourself that only shows half your face, peering from a wall.

Plus, you know what, the hair covering the face, trying-to-be-sexy sideways glance, the half smile suggests the job she’s going for may require fish net stockings and extremely high heels with glitter.

•What ARE You Wearing?

Which means the outfit must be professional looking. Which normally means a collared shirt, no exposed shoulders, and no cleavage. That goes for the ladies too….

Unless you’re applying for the job of a stripper, in which case, clothes wouldn’t factor at all.

•No Props Please!

Food, teddies, a briefcase? Whatever you’re thinking of, put it downnnnnnn.

Don’t put food in your picture! I’ve seen the one where they snapped a photo while sitting in front of a dish of I don’t know what and neither do I care! Obviously this lovely lady thought that she looked good in the picture and thought, ‘I just have to use this cos my hair was perfect! And my smile was just perfect! Oh and the fish on the plate looks good too!’

She looked really fun and sweet in the photo. It would’ve been great for Facebook. Not for a professional CV.

More nice pictures can always be taken. So keep trying for goodness sake!


•Wear nice clothes at your interview

Attire in pictures is already so important; imagine how more so in person! Look professional; how hard can that be? Very,evidently.

I’ve had interviews with people whose pic was great but their appearance in real life didn’t match.

One lady came in jeans and white singlet! She had taken a day off from her current job to come for the interview but her mind was in casual mode because of the day’s leave she’d taken.

Midway through the interview she suddenly realized what impression she may have been giving and made an attempt to excuse her dressing. But the damage had been done. There were other factors that led to me not hiring her but that one thing did stick in my mind.


Don’t roll your eyes; in fact, kick the habit overall. It was tiresome listening to someone who was giving an opinion that always had an eye roll attached! It says, to me that the attitude is wrong and that this person is very insecure.

Don’t hunch. It exudes insecurity as well. Plus, unless your new job position requires you to swing from a bell tower, I’d suggest you straighten up and speak confidently!


It doesn’t matter what the job you’re applying for is; don’t be too loud or too mousy!

A 100decibel-voiced lady scared the bee jees out of me with her constant loud laughing/screeching. You know for sure this person is going to be disruptive especially in a quiet environment, which most offices are. But again, it all depends on the job. She would’ve been a great cheerleader.

And of course, if you’re too mousy and don’t project your voice, you’ll either make people annoyed that they have to ask you to repeat yourself, or they definitely won’t believe that you can deliver for that job position because the perception is, no voice, no power, no conviction, no sale, no good business.

Lastly, if you don’t believe in what you’re wearing, saying and feeling, then you need to go find that confidence before you go for that interview!

Once you believe, then you really can do anything! Regardless of the outcome of the interview.

Good luck!


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