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The naughty child!


When the little one turns into the devil child that ‘those other parents’ have, you’re thinking, this is the time that I need to turn to the one source of help, information and sageness....MY MOMMY!

But turns out that Mom is on vacation and is still trying to get away from this naughty child.

So here’s what advice my Mom MAY have given....

So how do handle the naughty child?

  1. 1.Well, the first instinct can be the best. And normally, its the one where you find your inner voice...and you liberate it. Loudly.......

  2. 2.You could of course, do the usual threats, like No House Chores! Ice Cream For You! Wait, is that supposed to be the other way round?

  3. 3.You could show them the education loan that they will have to pay back to you when they’re 21 and bargain that you Could pay a little bit.....if they behave.

  4. 4.Take the car keys away .... from the 2 year old.....

  5. 5.Wait till Daddy Comes Home!

  6. 6.Promise them Gold, a Home Loan and 3 Cars?????

I’m going to be a terrible mother!

But here’s what my Mom really said: Show them Lots of Love.....


Thanks Mom!


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