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I just read the article in ST and thanks to them for the review. Just wanted to clarify a few things:

  1. A.The headline was a bit misleading. They should have put ‘EX’ in front of ‘Husband.’

  2. B.The book, contrary to what the article focused on, is not just about the divorce. The book is just a fun look at me, with (hopefully) some funny stories, that you can look back on and enjoy again.

  3. C.I don’t mention the ex’s name when it came to stories about the divorce. Many people might not even have known who the hell I was talking about - until of course this article came out. I think the article was way more harsh than what I wrote in the book! Geez!

  4. D.There are WAY more stories about every other,well, random thing that I’ve experienced, so I do wish it was something that covered more of the book, and not just all the chapters.

But end of the day, it was a review of my book, and hey, it’s their take, but I just wanted to clarify some things :)

Memoirs of a DJ - Life in Progress is available at all major bookstores!

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