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Stuck in a moment...


Stuck in a moment...It was a dark stormy lah it wasn’t

Many years ago, when I still had my old computer laptop, unlike the fabulous MacBook I have now.. I did have a trusty little computer.


And one day, I was typing away and I realized there was something on my screen.

Was it a bird? A very small plane? Superman?? I leaned in closer, trying so hard to see the red speedos....

But no. It turned out to be an ant.

So I reached out and brushed it away. It didn’t move.

Tried again. Failed again.

Then I realized something in horror. The little bugger had crawled Inside my computer,managed to squeeze it’s way to the middle of the screen, and Die there.


From then on, whenever I typed, it was a speck in my field of vision that I could never get rid of!

It was like a bug that just won’t fly away, a smudge of spaghetti sauce you know will never come off, a booger that you just can’t flick off your finger, a piece of crap in your eye that can’t come out no matter how gently your DIG at your eyeball!

How long did I live with that?

2 years.

I’m so happy with my computer now.

But I KILL any ant I see that happens to want to take a tour of my keyboard.....EndFragment

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