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What makes you laugh?


People always ask me where I get my sense of humor from. I’d like to say Sesame Street, but really it’s a combination of growing up with a funny Dad and watching The Benny Hill Show.

Did I mention I grew up with a funny Dad? He had and still has an insane sense of humour, sharp-witted and never holds back his opinions. Some friends found it hard to swallow, but thankfully we (my sister & I) were too young to recognize the difference between being witty or dropping wisecracks. Weekends were filled with that, (no not just wisecracks) but my dad's jokes. While the children played in the garden, the adults would gather around the dining table and yak the afternoon away. I remember those afternoons, hearing the guffaws and chuckles of my dad's friends and wonder what were they laughing at? I'd stop sometimes by the window and try to listen in but I never understood the jokes except that they were obviously very funny.

To wind down a Sunday, there was nothing better than popping in a video of Three's Company, or Mind Your Language or Fawlty Towers and just laugh the afternoon away. They say that you learn nothing from TV but that's not true! You learn about setting the premise, recognizing the traits of the characters, how important comic timing was to make even the simplest joke work, hey sometimes we got so good we could almost guess how the entire plot would end.

All those afternoons spent submersed in British and American comedy must have rubbed off; because till today I'm still spewing lines from those sitcoms.

For instance "listen very carefully, I shall say zis only wonce..." or "i was pissing by the door..." or "What's Duck Surprise?" "That's Duck without cherry or orange Madam."

Sorry folks. But you had to be there.

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