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Mommy's day!


Mommy is the BEST! There’s NO denying it!

So we have to treat her to some goodies!

Ok let’s see, there’s the spa. Try Sylvia’s Secrets @ Turf City

How about a few chocolates from Godiva ocs darn it, it’s from one goddess to another!

For lunch, Red Star Dim Sum! It’s very down to earth, good ol fashioned Dim Sum, served the ol fashioned way!

For dinner, there are so many!

Ristorante Valentino - but you have to try to get a reservation 2 weeks in advance but Mother’s Day doesn’t last just one day, riiiite?

Dolce Vita at Mandarin Oriental

Basilico at the Regent - beautiful and exquisite italian buffet lunch with prosecco throughout!

Then of course, make sure you kiss her and hug everyday or at least once a week!

And when you hang up after a phone call or when you say bye bye, always also say, I love you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, I love you! And to all Mothers as well, ‘I think your kids love you too!’

Those ungrateful kids! They better do something!

Damn have I made reservations????

Love ya’ll!


EndFragment EndFragment

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